Adler's "Tuffer" Fundraiser

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Meet, Tuffer. A stuffed fox we designed to help encourage kids and show that scars are just proof that we're tougher than whatever tried to hurt us. 

Adler is 9 years old from Elkhart, Indiana battling inoperable pilomyxoid astrocytoma metastasized brain cancer. He suffers with daily chronic pain caused by his tumors. The pain is relentless and disrupts his daily life. In an effort to relieve pain, the Carris family will be heading to Orlando, Florida at the end of March for an evaluation for a pain management rehabilitation program. We want to help offset travel expenses.

When you purchase Tuffer, 80% of profits will be donated to Adler directly. We only keep 20% so that we can continue operating this company and helping more kids like Adler. 

Please note, if you would like 100% to be donated, we have a donation page available here!

Follow along with Adler here:

Product Details:

  • 8" stuffed plushy
  • 100% polyester shell & filling
  • Ships in 2-3 days
  • Limited Edition (only 115 available)
  • Designed by Marie & Boone

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