Design Portfolio

Marie & Boone's foundation was built on Andrew's love of product design.

Scroll down through some of his favorite past work!


Tuffer was designed right after Andrew's fight with cancer. He was treated at IU Simon right next to Riley. He designed & donates these 10" Fox plushies for the kids at Riley to help them with their surgery scars. Tuffer comes with the message, "the fight may be tough, but you're TOUGHER!" Shout out to our friend Christi Du Toit from Cape Town, South Africa for helping with the initial sketch ideas!


Repeat after me, "You are enough just as you are."

Andrew put this design together for a struggling mom raising 4 kids on her own after she was just fired from her job. Even the strongest people lack confidence, so it's no surprise she was down and out. The saying was designed in a loop so that she would repeat it until she believed it.


The design that started this company! The word "LOVE" inside the word "HOME". Once everything was gone, we finally saw what held it all together.


Makenna found a pink guitar at our local music shop.

 Rather than buying it for her, we saw it as a teaching opportunity and introduced her to entrepreneurship. We walked her through every step, from idea to finished product.
This is the result. A wooden guitar pick necklace engraved with "TURN IT UP" in her handwriting.


We used raw vegetable tanned leather, oil dyes, barge leather cement & black rivets/rings to assemble these custom key chains. They all feature our word inside another word designs and we scoured journals, books and the web for the perfect quote to go with each one. The photo-shoot was tons of fun!


Hulk smash.


Andrew was a self taught musician. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he had a 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son. He was facing 30% odds of survival with no cancer survivors in his family. He knew if he wasn't going to be able to teach his children how to play and write music, he wanted to leave behind something that would help them learn. He designed Theo (short for Theory) in his journal while stuck in the hospital.

Theo is the circle of fifths and the Nashville number system all balled up into one easy to read tool. The genre specific artwork on the back is just an added touch. The wheels are all the same, you just get to pick your flavor. We (Andrew & Christi Du Toit) designed six versions: Metal, Blues, Indie, Rock, Country & Pop. Which is your favorite?!


In 2018, a couple of my friends and I started a company called Offer Music. The idea was simple... collaborate with artists to create limited edition merch and donate the money to non profits. We worked with some rad musicians and caused a lot of good. Keep scolling down to get a tasty taste.


One of Andrew's last projects before selling Offer Music was designing jewelry made from recycled drum cymbals. Here are a just a few of the product designs for a brand now known as, Full Circle Co.