Young & Brave

Nikolaos Foreman

Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma

"Nick & Jess are dear friends from our hometown. In October, Nick was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma. The road ahead is long, but I can't think of any other couple that could handle this better. Honestly, I think Nick's biggest worry is losing his 13 year old dreads! They are both strong, positive and brave..."

Adler Bear Carris

Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma metastasized brain cancer

"Adler Bear Carris is 9 years old battling inoperable pilomyxoid astrocytoma metastasized brain cancer. He also has hydrocephalus and adrenal insufficiency. He suffers with daily chronic pain caused by his tumors. The chronic pain is relentless and restricts him from normal life. They are life long illnesses and the journey is long..."

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Christian Daugherty

Malignant PXA Grade 3 Brain Tumor

In October of 2017, Christian Daugherty screamed and collapsed. After being rushed to Ball Memorial Hospital, he was life-lined to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. It was there that they discovered a tumor the size of a baseball growing on Christian’s brain stem. The rupture of the tumor caused the intense pain Christian felt that late October night. He was given 72 hours to live.

Four hundred and fifty some odd days later, four more brain surgeries and tests across the nation, Christian’s tumor was classified as a rare and malignant PXA grade 3. This tumor was discovered to have a gene fusion (when part of the DNA moves from one chromosome to another) which has never been reported before. With every new drug, the cancer finds a way to adapt and live alongside the drug causing the tumor’s growth to be halted temporarily...

Gloria Spencer

Marketing director, Sirius Gym

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Kate Fowler

Sales manager, Safari Home

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Jordan Sims

Founder, Peach Agency

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