Cancer gave me the chance to see life through a new lens.

Suddenly everything became really simple. Survive to watch my kids grow up - that's it.

For the next 8 months, I fought for my life in a hospital bed and filled my sketchbook with ways to provide for my family after losing my job.

That's when I had a vision and created a simple design about to change everything - The word 'love' inside the word 'home'.

Because I was three months into renovating our house when I was diagnosed with stage 2 choriocarcinoma, there was a pile of wood lathe boards collecting dust. I used the wood to create what I was seeing in my head... the first Home/Love sign. I shared our story on facebook through encouragement from a friend and the response was overwhelming. People wanted them! We ended up selling enough signs to keep food on our table.

After beating the odds against me we ding-dong-ditched our deferred lifestyle in exchange for time and mobility now. We sold everything we owned, moved to a new city and started our own company named after our two kids, Makenna Marie & Daxton Boone.

If you see us out and about, we're either chasing our dreams or eating donuts. Probably both.